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Downloading music is the main need behind Youtube to Mp3 Converter. YouTube is the hub to thousands of videos and day-by-day people get acquainted with using the platform for video viewing and downloading. However, the requirement arises that you may not need the video file but only the audio or Mp3 Youtube version of the corresponding video. For that, you can make use of a standard downloader in order to save the videos and later you can use a separate tool dedicated to covert that downloaded Youtube to Mp3 file.

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It is useless to go to this lengthy process because presently there are many YouTube to MP3 converter and downloader available which can flawlessly perform the two tasks through a single click. There are lots of apps and websites, capable to strip audio from YouTube videos and then send the extracted audio file for downloading process. Such kind of websites and programs comes with lots of advantages like they are speedier as compared to browser-based tools, they do not need user to submit their email address (so they are left open to spam), and often enables you to split the audio from multiple videos simultaneously. Let’s have a look at the 10 best sites and apps which works as YouTube to mp3 converter and downloader.


The MakeitMp3 site uniquely serves the need of YouTube to MP3 conversion and download. It is like Songily.com which uses Java running program which seamlessly functions as a video to MP3 converter and downloader. In addition to the download box, certain knacks for utilizing it are listed on its website. Hence, you can easily refer to them and proceed ahead to download particular audio. It comes with an option to choose a standard or even high quality type of audio output. You need to make sure to keep your Java update-to-date in order to avoid any changes with its function.

Apowersoft Free Video to MP3

Apowersoft website allows you to easily the YouTube videos to MP3 format and also to several other formats like OGG, WMA, AU, M4A, RA, WAV, AC3 and many others. People who wish to get MP3 from audio needs to visit the website and paste the link of the particular video from the platform of YouTube. Once done, it will begin processing; and after it gets processed, the MP3 download link will immediately shown over the screen. It is known that the website functions effectively when you are making use of browser other than Chrome as it requires Java to be functioning behind and the Chrome browser disables it.


GenYouTube is considered as the finest way to convert and download different YouTube videos to the MP3 format when you have an urgent need. The interface of the website is such that it does not ask any kind of questions, and provides swift downloads. Based on the video, the website support several other video and formats as well, including 3GP, WEBM, 3GP, M4A, and MP4. After you are brought to the download page for the particular video, simply click MP3 from the list consisting of options to instantly begin downloading the audio version of a particular YouTube video.


Convert2MP3 is known as an online converter from where you need not to do any kind of signup. The website also facilitates downloading of audio files from YouTube videos. Simply visit the website and then enter the link of the particular YouTube video which you wish to convert. Once you add the link, it is found that there would be certain options in which you can easily convert it. Then, you can choose MP3 from the displayed drop down list and hit the convert option. It takes few minutes for the process of video conversion to complete. After it gets completed, you will be able to see that your audio song is prepared for download. You can now download it to the system. The website offers free service for all these processes.


ListentoYouTube is a decent online source working to fulfil the requirement of audio file conversion and downloading from YouTube videos. The website works fast and so within just few seconds, the video gets converted to MP3. The working process is very easy as you can just copy paste the link in the provided box and then it processes to display you its download link.

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter

If you desire to have a full-fledged desktop program which can capably extract and convert different YouTube videos to MP3, then app named MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter is served as the finest option. The app can operate seamlessly on different operating system like Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac. The app is such that it comes with many exceptional features which no other app or service usually provide. Moreover, it comes with lots of options you can manipulate with to customize the program and let it function as per your wish.

Clip Converter

Being different to other desktop software, the app –Clip Converter is recognized as an online YouTube to MP3 converter and downloader. The app can effortlessly extract MP3 from YouTube video without requiring any hard drive space on your PC. It supports conversion formats like AAC, MP3, and M4A. Once you set your preferred audio format, the website will extract the audio automatically and then display you the file size of the MP3.

aTube Catcher

The app –aTube Catcher is acknowledged as an all-in-one product that enables users to download any videos from the platform of YouTube, rip audio from YouTube video, capture screen, convert local videos to several audio and video formats, etc. It supports formats like AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, MP3 etc. In order to convert YouTube video to MP3, the process is similar to downloading a video, with only difference being that you must modify the output profile to audio format. If required, you can even download the entire video and later convert it to audio format. Doing this allows you to keep both the MP3 and audio formats.


Simply copy a YouTube video URL and then ClipGrab will manage the rest. Recognized as an absolute delight of a program, the app is known to keep things simple and easy. Is interface is wonderful as it provides you a pleasant hint of how effortlessly process is going to be, starting from the go. You need to just copy a YouTube URL into the clipboard and the app works swiftly, providing options to download YouTube videos. You can specify that you wish to download the audio as an MP3 prior you hit the ‘Grab this clip!’ button to complete the process.

Gihosoft TubeGet

As implied from the name, Gihosoft TubeGet is developed in order to avail videos from YouTube; however, it even functions as a free YouTube to MP3 songs downloader. The app involves simple process for the conversion and downloading. Initially, copy and paste the YouTube video URL, choose “Convert to MP3” as well as saving location, next press “Download”. You just need to wait for few minutes to let the process complete. In addition to that, you can even add every online song videos you prefer to prepare them as a YouTube playlist. Once done, you can use the app to convert YouTube song video playlist to MP3 simultaneously.

Whenever the need arises to convert and download YouTube videos to MP3 format, above discussed apps and websites serve the purpose excellently. They are easy to use with less conversion and download time.

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