What.CD – Top 5 What CD sites to Download Music Torrent Files


Best What.CD music torrent download sites to download free music torrent files from the what.cd torrent server. People like using what.cd torrents to download the free music using the BitTorrent protocol. The flow of what.cd torrent sites is different from usual downloads the reason being that music download is done from more than one server at a time.

What.CD uses many computers to transfer one single music file thereby reducing the maximum data transfer rate. The download is started, and the system locates several what.cd servers and downloads different parts of every file from every computer.

what cd

When sending the music torrents, what.cd server may send the file to many computers before reaching the final recipient, and this process speeds up the what cd music file download.

What.CD is a music torrent site that sends vocals or necessary sound files by sharing the massive amount of data over the what.cd servers and every section of the music file downloaded is distributed to other users. What.cd enables efficient software distribution.  Some of the what.cd music torrent sites that are most popular include The Pirate Bay which has been in the market for ages hence liked and used by many people, Torren Project, and others.

Also, Discover Other Mp3 Music Download Sites:

What.cd is also one of the torrent search engines for music torrent files. It is a computer file that contains a set of music file data describing and giving information about other music file data to be distributed and a list of network location and a server that helps in the communication of peers. They form a dynamic distribution group known as swarms. What.cd music search engine allows the discovery of other music files that are hosted and tracked in other sites. Examples of search engines include Mininova and other more effectively used across the globe.

Lime Torrents

Lime torrents.cc has been in the market for five years. This what.cd music torrent site has very many people with experience of using it and keeping it active. It also has the big selection of music torrents to choose from and quality files making it attract many subscribers. It hosts torrents in different categories like games, applications, movies and television series and updates itself regularly.

The site features separate web pages and updates the top hundred what.cd torrents trending most with the latest uploaded to the what cd site with viable seed count. Users create an account which would be required to upload music torrent files, provide feedback and exchange feedback with other users.


Torrent me searches music torrents from other websites by harvesting data from other what.cd sites that search torrents. It lists many what.cd torrent sites and separates them into categories. Subscribers can find the best music torrent site for movies by visiting the category page. Fans like the page because of category division.


Turlock. Com is one of the limited what.cd torrents that carry a .com. Its operators are working hard to make the site share the platform with the best locations in the market. The site is well known for hosting what.cd music torrents in the various number of categories and making its users maintain their user accounts.

Turlock does not have one of the best looks but has a cutting edge over other music torrent providers. The advantage of using Turlock is the fact that the only what.cd torrent hosts verified music torrents making it one of the best location. Subscribers can spot verified torrents by seeing the orange tick mark.


In the zooqle site, there is a ninth inclusion and the best flow in 2018. The name is relatively new in the what.cd torrent field, but it is doing pretty well in the market. Zooqle comprises mainly of television show and mp3 music torrents but also hosts flows related to software and games for different platforms.

It is easier to navigate and find things using the clean and neat interface of the what.cd website, and there is no intrusive advertisement. The reason why many people like zooqle are that with the many numbers of subcategories, finding mp3 torrents is more accessible even for fans who rarely use it. The site has more than three million good flows.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay website popularly referred to as TPB is well known and its fans have experience in using it and lead in 2018 what.cd music torrents sites running in its domain. TPB has a diverse collection of torrents in movies. Games, audiobooks, and others. It has a simple to use the index which makes it easier for scribers to use the music torrent index.

TPB is among the best what.cd torrent site because of its numerous seeds, making it easier to download files. If the what cd torrent site may not be accessible in some countries, one can use private internet access to solve the issue.

Many people prefer using what.cd torrent sites because of being in the market for some time in the music torrent community and also believe the number of seeds is adequate for downloading large music files. Do mention other music torrent download sites like what.cd to know other users about other music torrent download sites.


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