Top 10 Sites to Watch Movies Online for Free – Latest 2018 Movies


Most people like entertaining themselves when they are on their leisure time, which makes them refresh their minds from the boredom work they have had during the week or work time during the day. The common form of entertaining is watching movies online especially the latest ones. You might go to the shop looking latest CDs movies but you can find any. What you find are old movies that you have watched severally. Don’t worry anymore because here is a list of top sites to watch movies online that are well updated and they contain all the movies you will wish to watch be it latest or oldest.


Putlocker is a great site that needs neither registration nor creation of an account. It contains all movies and it is well updated and in it, you can find over 1500 movies. All categories of movies like drama, comedy, horror, action, romance, family, documentaries and foreign movies both single movies and full series movies you can find them here. On this site, you can watch movies online where they stream without any interruption from adverts or network issues. The site has well updated technological movies that all movies to stream online without any difficulty. They also feature web and film schools originals, this ensures you watch original and quality movies online. They don’t need you to register for you to enjoy their quality products, you just visit their site at putlocker and watch free movies streaming online.



Gomovies is a large and contains many other categories apart from movies alone. It has a large collection of movies streaming online. Apart from movies streaming online they also, have famous TV shows in the world streaming online. On GOmovies, you might be required to watch some adverts for you to enjoy all their facilities for free. Here they don’t require you to register, for you to start watching movies online. You just visit GoMovies site and start watching movies online from a single click and enjoy by watching the movies you like either latest either latest or oldest. Both series and single movies are found on this site and you watch them. Visit GoMovies today and watch free movies online.


YesMovies is a site that has all the categories of moves, which you can watch online. Movies from this yesmovies site, you can watch them for free without watching any advert. Here different categories of movies stream online for free. Famous and latest movies, you can find them here including; lion of Judah; dear dump diary; white rush; the bear, white lion and spirit of the forest among many other latest movies both series and single movies that stream online for free on yesmovies.



Fmovies has thousands of movies and TV shows streaming online for free. Some movies and TV shows here can only be rented and cannot be viewed for free online. Many movies on this are for free and therefore, fmovies stream online for free. Fmovies have many movie genres such as romance, wild things, best British, women first, after hours drama, drama, documentary, drama, comedy and horror movies among many others that stream online for free. Have many items to entertain you online and fmovies can be viewed by the featured, new releases movie night, trending and indie films that are much entertaining. Just visit fmvoies and start watching free movies online today.


BMovies is another great site that has thousands of movies streaming online where you can watch them for free without making any payment. On bmovies site, you will be required to create a user account for you to start watching movies online, the process of creating a user account is free of charge. There are many categories for you to choose such as romance, comedy, crime and suspense, faith and inspirational, action, family and kids among many other categories that best suits you and the environment near you. Once you have found something to watch you can choose to either rent or buy it, but with the button of watching with adverts enable you to watch what you want for free by just watching few adverts that are just at the beginning or sometimes in the middle of the movie or any item you are watching. Visit bmovies site and watch movies online today and entertain yourself.


SEEHD is best for you if you like watch the top documentaries in the world. The documentaries stream online in a public domain where you can watch it for free without any. They have genres like technology, society, science, politics, mystery, history, conspiracy, environment and nature among many others that you like. You can choose your favorite and entertain yourself. Seehd movies watching site have the latest and famous documentary movies online such as the pleasure of finding things out, the state of surveillance, the immortals, Tashi and the Monk, universe in motion, and Planet Ocean among many others. SeeHD have all the documentaries you have always thought of watching either old or recent ones. Visit it today and enjoy the online documentaries and movies.


Yify Online is an amazing site that collects all the information all over the internet and arranges them in different forms including size, genres, time it was formed, time it talks about and lastly according to the target audience. Yify Online have collected all the movies you always look for in different place and brought all of them together in one place making your work easier. They have some of the latest hits and movies such as the toxic avenger, the grudge 3, smoky and the bandit among many others. These examples might not be latest according to what you like but all the latest movies are present on yify online and you will enjoy them. Movies stream online here without disturbance from any advert.


1Movies houses movie that are free online and they have made an effort to collect you movies from famous actors in the world like Lucille Ball, John Wayne, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Button and Rock Hudson among many other superstars that you will like to watch their movies. 1Movies have silent movies for you but they are online but are handful at a time, so you are not able to access all the movies at a time. All the movies on 1movies are free and also no registration required for you to watch movies online.



Gostream site also works in the smartest way that impresses many people and that is, it streams movies online that are famous and much on demand and also it streams the live famous TV shows and movies online. You can access their items even from android by downloading their gostream watch movies online app, you can watch them on their gostream website, download a desktop app of go stream. You can find all genres of movies you are looking for.


BOB Movies site contains both independent and public domain movies in all categories such as action, adventure, animation, drama, comedy, horror, drama, documentary and fantasy with many others that are enjoyable to you. Bob Movies site allows you to watch movies online and also to share them with friends through the email.

There are many sites that enable you to watch movies online for free, while others will require you to pay or watch an advert to sponsor their work. You can choose the one you like and think it has the right and safe content you were looking for.


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