Download Youtube Videos & Music using Tubemate Latest Version 2018 (3.0.15)


TubeMate is a very famous YouTube Free Mp3 Music Downloader. It is a free app which helps us in various ways. It is basically used to download free mp3 music files from YouTube. TubeMate was first launched in November 2014. It was invented by Nigel Guyot, who is also a real estate businessman. It’s a very effective and useful app. You can download Audio and video files from almost every available social platform like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo etc.

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TubeMate, when launched has created a revolution in the field of online video downloading. TubeMate is a YouTube Downloader, as well as Mp3 Music Downloader that downloads YouTube to Mp3 Music for you directly to the phone memory or in the inserted SD Card, in whatever quality you want, just like a Songily Music App or Music Download Site. TubeMate is so popular that by now it has more than 40 million of active users. Yeah, you heard it right it has 40 million users. That’s an insane amount. TubeMate allows its users to download unlimited videos from any social platform. You can choose the format, video quality and audio quality of Mp3 file you want to download.

An interesting thing about TubeMate App is that it is not available on Google Play Store even though it has that much amount of users. The reason behind its unavailability on Google Play Store is the Privacy Policy of Google that doesn’t meet in TubeMate App.

One can download the apk format installer file of TubeMate App directly from the here. The Tubemate apk file can be easily installed, and it is also malware free. As, YouTube doesn’t allow users to download the videos and their Mp3 Songs, TubeMate does the work for us. TubeMate makes the video available for us so, we can watch it whenever we want to. Being a free downloader, TubeMate has gained so much popularity in a very short period. TubeMate is a very good and is a sort of necessary app for the entertainment purpose.

Features of TubeMate Free Mp3 Music Downloader

The TubeMate App is so popular because of its simplicity and good features. This App provides features like auto download, resume, pause, auto-detect and etc.

Some important features of TubeMate Youtube Music Downloader App:

  • Tubemate permits searching and downloading of any type of video available on YouTube to Mp3 Music format very easily. It takes very small time to do so.
  • It supports Video and Music Downloading for Android at no cost. As, it is a free software for Android.
  • The quality of audio that is being downloaded or will be downloaded would be quality of music you want to hear, i.e, low, medium and high quality of music you want to download. It might ask for default quality in which you want to download a music from Youtube.
  • It has Formula speedy stacking, basic, simple to utilize. The downloading speed of song can be easily monitored by this app’s inbuilt features.
  • Downloaded video will be converted into Music using an Mp3 Music Convert.
  • We can choose the format and the quality of pixels in which we want to download the video. Like: 144p, 240p, 360, 480p, 720p, 1080p, etc.
  • It automatically downloads the video whenever the internet connection becomes available.
  • One can also watch the video online by this TubeMate app without downloading it.
  • It doesn’t get interrupted by any kind of disturbing ads.
  • It is easy shareable. That is, you can simply share videos to your loved ones with TubeMate app.

These all above mentioned features make TubeMate a perfect app. TubeMate has basic and easy-to-use features that are very much loved by the users.

Downloading TubeMate 2018 (3.0.15)

Now, the question arises that how one can be able to download the 2018 latest version of TubeMate app to get the benefit of it. So, Let me tell you one thing that TubeMate is Unavailable at Google Play Store. That is, You cannot download TubeMate directly from the Google Play Store. But, that doesn’t mean it is hard to download it. No, Actually it’s quite simple to download TubeMate App. TubeMate can be directly downloaded to your phone in its apk format, either by its official website or by any other online platform.

Go to the official website of TubeMate and start downloading Tubemate or you can download tubemate from UptoDown or CNET. When you will click on UptoDown Link you will be redirected to uptodown website, where you can click on Download Now to Begin the download. Similarly, you can Download Tubemate from other websites. When the download is completed you have to install the Tubemate package of the TubeMate app.

How to install Tubemate App

When the Tubemate 2018 download is completed, the next step is to make it work on the work. To do so you will have to install the TubeMate app with the help of the Tubemate APK.

When you will click on the Tubemate Apk Installation Package, the android will show you the permission that the TubeMate app requires and the Connectivity setting too.
Now, you have to click on the “Install” button. Then, it will show you the installation progress. When the installation is done, you can simply open the app by tapping the icon
The working process of TubeMate is very simple and you can use it very easily as it requires very basic knowledge of Android.

Download Free Mp3 Youtube Music using Tubemate

When you will open the TubeMate App, you will have various options available there. To download the mp3 music from YouTube using the TubeMate App you have to follow some simple steps.

  • When you will open the TubeMate app you will find YouTube icon there. Click on the YouTube icon and search for the music you want to download from Youtube.
  • List of Videos will appear, click on the video you want to download it in a Mp3 Version.
  • After clicking on it, you will have some options available like quality, format, Location etc. Choose the quality, format and storage location according to your choice and click on download.

After this whole process the mp3 music will be downloaded on your phone or the location that you had chosen earlier.

To download YouTube File in Mp3 Format using TubeMate App you just have to do a bit stuff. When you reach the step second where you can find the video of your choice and you have to click on it. Then, you will find an option available as “save the file as MP3”. Click on it and the video will be converted into MP3 file and downloaded on your phone or the location you had chosen earlier.

Download Mp3 Music From Facebook using Tubemate

To download Facebook videos and music using TubeMate app, you have to follow some steps.

  • Open TubeMate app.
  • Click on the upper left-side corner button. There you will find a search box.
  • Type Facebook over there.
  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Search for the video or music you want to download and then, select the music you want to download from the list.

Then TubeMate will give you options as same as above. When you will click on download the mp3 music version will be downloaded on the default location

Download Tubemate App Previous Version

TubeMate app was released on November 2014. Till now it has released various versions. The basic criteria for all versions is nearly equal. But, they are different from each other. TubeMate has added some features on its further versions.

The all available versions of TubeMate and are as follows:

  • TubeMate 1.0.59
  • Tubemate 2.4.0
  • Tubemate 2.4.1
  • Tubemate 2.4.2
  • Tubemate 2.4.3
  • Tubemate 2.4.4
  • Tubemate 2.4.5
  • Tubemate 2.4.6
  • TubeMate 3
  • TubeMate 3.0.15

When the second version of TubeMate app was released, it was added with features like downloading videos from Facebook, Vimeo and search for videos online using Google search. After that on every release a new feature was added. The latest version has added a lot of features like changing format, changing quality, downloading videos from a lot of social platforms and auto restart of the download paused. It has also added a new feature called “Data Saver”. By using thus feature the TubeMate App consumes less data and thus data is saved.

Download Tubemate from Play Store: Google Play Store is a platform where most of the Android users download the application of their choice. TubeMate, being a Play Store Terms Broker, it isn’t available on Google Play Store. Now, many of you are wondering why it is not available on Play Store? The reason behind it is that TubeMate doesn’t follow YouTube’s policy. YouTube doesn’t allow their users to download videos from it but it does allow them to save. While TubeMate does this work for us. So, in this case Google doesn’t want to increase piracy by adding TubeMate App on its Play Store. Hence, it is not available on Google Play Store.

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