5 Best Methods to Download Soundcloud to Mp3 Music Online


SoundCloud platform enables you to listen to unlimited mp3 music tracks online. SoundCloud has also got a Soundcloud to Mp3 Music Downloader which allows you to share and promote the mp3 music after uploading them. You can also record your music using it.
It refreshes its playlist and keeps up with the trending songs. There is an online tool called SoundCloud Downloader. It enables you to download unlimited mp3 tracks from SoundCloud, music download site.

soundcloud downloader

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There are various methods that you can use to download free mp3 music from SoundCloud. You can download using a Soundcloud Download Site and Soundcloud Downloaders Chrome Extension. Suppose you are using an iPhone you can use the file manager App.

SoundCloud was founded back in the year 2007 in Sweden; its headquarters is located in Germany at Berlin. The main founders were Eric Wahlforss who was a musician and Alexandar Ljung who was a sound designer. They launched it in October in the year 2008.
They have more than 300 employees who help in ensuring that the platform works efficiently.

The number of users of SoundCloud to Mp3 Music Downloader has been increasing immensely. In the year 2014 on December, they had over one hundred and seventy-five million users. Let us discuss in details the methods you can use to download free mp3 from SoundCloud.

SoundCloud Downloader Websites

For you to download free mp3 music from SoundCloud using SoundCloud website for downloading, you will need to follow a simple procedure. First, you need to search for SoundCloud site using soundcloud.com. When it opens, you will be able to access SoundCloud site. You can also Download Soundcloud Music using Tubemate.

At the center of SoundCloud Downloader page, you will see the word ‘search’ written on a grey bar. There is an option to search for mp3 music, bands, tracks, and artist. Enter the song name that you are looking for in the search box and press the ‘enter’ command. When you get the name of the song, click on it.

Soundcloud Mp3 Downloader’s address will open in the address column which is located in the top section of the browser. Place the pointer on the URL and click it so that you can select it.

To copy mp3 music link you will need to press command +C or Ctrl+C. You should then search for scdownloader.net. This will help you to open the SoundCloud Downloader. When it opens, you should copy the address for your selected song.

Press command +v or Ctrl+V on the SoundCloud Downloader Page. The address will be placed in the link bar of the downloading site. At the right side of this field, you will see an orange button. The word ‘download’ is written in that field. Click in that box for you to download that song.

Confirm if mp3 music has started downloading. The song may just open and play instead of downloading depending on the browser you are using. When this happens, you can opt to download your song from that particular page. After it has been downloaded, you can double-click on it so that it can play.

In the same way you can also download the SoundCloud Playlist using SoundCloud Downloader just by pasting the URL that you are interested in the mp3 tracks in the SoundCloud Downloader Link Box. The examples of these are Klink, Aud and Single Mango.

This procedure of getting the music was simple and quick. You will only need to search the track online. When you get it, copy the URL where you are given a blank space at the top of the mp3 downloader.

When you do this, there will only be a few steps from downloading free mp3 music from SoundCloud. You will press the download button and the mp3 to SoundCloud Music will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Suppose you want to download a full playlist you should search for it. When you get it, you should copy the URL and paste it in the SoundCloud Playlist Downloader.

Chrome Extension to Download SoundCloud Music

You can easily download SoundCloud Mp3 Songs using Chrome Extensions. This is a quick and interesting procedure to get free mp3 from SoundCloud using Chrome. You will start by opening Google Chrome.

Get SoundChrome downloading page by clicking on its extension page. On the right side at the top, you will see a blue button. The word ‘+add to chrome’ is written in it. Click on it for you to download tracks and sounds. You can get connected to many SoundCloud playlist and tracks using SoundCloud Downloader Extension for Chrome.

You can install the extension for SoundCloud downloading by clicking on it on your browser. This step also assists you in managing what you download. You need to visit SoundCloud to get the link of the Mp3 Song you want to download from SoundCloud.

Get the link of the song that you want to download and press the enter key. When the song you are looking for appears, select the location where you want it to download. Click on the download button. It will download automatically within some minutes.

In this way, you can use Google Chrome extension to download the SoundCloud to Mp3 Music on your desktop. Apps and extensions that are offered by the third party to download SoundCloud Music are an easy way of downloading songs but it is risky. Your computer is prone to the virus when you use this method. An example of these extensions is Klick Aud. When you use them they direct you back to the downloading website instead of moving on.
You will find a blue button that is on the left side which you can use to download the extension. When you press the download button, you will get an option to add the QR code. After you click in that box you will be able to get the playlist or audio file on your phone.

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Download SoundCloud Music Directly

You will need to open a personal account and log in for you to be able to download your songs. You will see a download button after you sign in. Search for your song at the search bar that is found at the top of your browser. Press the download button for the song to be downloaded instantly. The download button is located near where ‘waveform’, ‘more’ and ‘share’ buttons are located. The songs will be downloaded directly to your computer on the location that you will choose.

There are many websites where you can download free Mp3 music from SoundCloud. This includes Audiomack, Epitonic, Internet Archive, SoundClick, Noise Trade, and CCTrax.
Be cautious when you are using Audiomack. Your computer can get the virus as you use it. You will enjoy downloading your favorite music using any of the above methods. You need is to be connected to the internet.
Now that you have this information, do not be left behind. Join millions of people worldwide who have fun in listening and downloading their best music from SoundCloud.
Make your playlist after downloading.

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