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Saavn has always tried to bring the best music stuff for its users. From beginning itself Saavn Pro Apk is one of the most loved music application. Saavn Pro Apk has become the fortune maker for Saavn. It is available for both Android and iOS and has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play Store and more than 10 million downloads on Apple App Store. At first, for testing, it was launched on 2006 for some selected users to get pre feedbacks on its initial days. It is a free application and normally comes as a pre-installed application in some of the versions of Android. The Saavn Music Pro Apk is more advanced and premium than the standard music app available for free on Play Store. One can easily download The Saavn Music App either from the Google Play Store/App Store or from the official website of Saavn Music Download Site. At the present time, any normal Saavn Music App is same as 4Shared and Tubemate Free Music, a user can add and listen to unlimited number of songs for absolutely free, but with ads.saavn pro apk

The user accounts are usually divided into two categories, Standard Accounts and Saavn Pro Accounts in Saavn Music App. The difference between these two accounts is of the service being provided. One joining this Saavn Music platform, a half month free trail is given to its users. This trail gives full premium experience that is provided to the premium users. The Premium Users usually get more reliable experience and have access to numerous numbers of features that aren’t provided to the standard users. Premium Users can download songs, can listen up to hundreds of new arrivals and much more.

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Features of Saavn Music Pro Apk

There are numerous features provided by the Saavn Pro Apk that makes it a better option and more reliable compare any other music application available in the market. Some features of Saavn Pro Apk are as follows:

Purchasing, Streaming, and Uploading of Songs: The best thing about Saavn Music Pro Apk is that you can actually purchase, stream the song of your choice. This makes it way better than any other music application. You can even upload songs of any format using Saavn Pro Apk.

High-Quality Audio: The Saavn Pro Apk provides the best quality of songs while streaming and downloading. You can choose from low quality to very high quality of streaming and download in the setting section of Saavn Pro Apk. This feature is actually the best part of Saavn App.

Offline Playback: Another great feature of Saavn Pro is when you stream any song or album in Saavn Music app it automatically saved in the cache memory. So, you can actually play music offline in Saavn Pro Apk.

Music Discovery: Saavn Music app has a variety of song collections divided on the basis of their genres, time of release, etc. The four basic categories in which you can stream songs online is top charts, new releases, music stations and Artist/Song Radios.

Podcasts: This feature is for those people who love listening to podcasts. But, managing the podcast is quite difficult. You can actually have Soundcloud Music App as a Podcast manager app.

Family Plan Subscription: There are many plans in the subscription category of Saavn Music App. One of those is the “Family Plan Subscription”. This feature provides the subscription on Saavn Pro Apk for the whole family at a very reasonable price. This makes it a very interesting feature of this app.

Premium Experience: Another great feature of Saavn Pro Apk is that it provides a very good, reliable, easy-to-use features and a premium experience. You can use different features of Saavn Pro App very easily. It also provides its user to communicate and to solve any problem related to the app by accessing the help center section.

Apparently, the Youtube Music is the prominent service provided by Google and it’s actually included in the Saavn Pro Apk. So, you can easily be connected to the best of Youtube Music. Whenever you are listening to any song using Saavn Music app, you can easily use this YouTube Red function to watch its video too

Desktop Notifications: This is my personal favorite feature of Saavn Music app. If you turn on the desktop notification function then, whenever the song changes it will pop up a notification on the desktop with the information about the new song like title, artist’s name, genre, musician’s name, etc.

Song Recommendations: Last, but not the least feature of Saavn Pro Apk is that it provides the recommendation of songs according to your recent activities. I prefer Songily for the best recommendations of Moody Songs. So, Saavn Music app can actually analyze your mood and provide the perfect match for it in the form of some good songs.

Download Saavn Pro Apk

Saavn Pro Apk allows its users to download the songs of their choice, for free. The downloading process of music from Saavn Pro Apk is quite simple. All you need is a working internet connection and subscription to Saavn Pro Service. Now, if you want to download music from Saavn Pro Apk, just follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Saavn Pro Apk and go to the search panel, located on the upper side.
  • Enter the name of the song you want to download and click on search icon.
  • Now, Check whether the song is available or not. If yes, then click on it.
  • Now, on the upper right click there will be a three-dot sign, click on it.
  • Now, from the displayed options click “Download”.
  • In some Versions of Saavn Pro Apk, it is also expressed as “Safe Offline”.

Now, the songs will be downloaded from Saavn Pro Apk and you can easily listen to it whenever you want, wherever you want. And, the coolest thing is that there is no need of internet connection.

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