10 Best Mp3 to Wav Converters & Vise Versa (Sites, Apps, Software, Online & Offline)


As we know that an MP3 is an efficient and compressed format for digital audio while WAV is an uncompressed audio file format. Today we have got 10 best Mp3 to Wav converter and Wav to Mp3 Converter for PC, Android, iPhone, MAC and Windows. You can use all these Mp3 & Wav converter tools as an Online Website, App, Apk or through offline software.mp3 to wav

Following are some of the best mp3 to wav converters:


Zamar is an efficient tool that will convert your mp3 file into wav audio file format. This is a website which gives you this conversion. There are 4 steps are included in the process of converting mp3 to wav file. In 1st step, you have to upload the file and select into which format you have to convert like bmp, crw or wav. And then click on the “convert” button.


FileZigZag is another better audio online converter that is absolutely free to use. The best thing is that it supports a good number of audio file formats. It supports audio files up to 180 MB size. After uploading your file just wait for their mail which will contain the link of your converted file. It is a better option than other mp3 to wav converters which are available online.

Hamster Free Audio Converter

A hamster is a software that takes a very less time in the installation process. Just select the audio file that you have to convert then adjust some setting and click on convert button. It provides a user-friendly interface by using a drag-drop technology.


Madio.io is another online converter which has some amazing features like:

  • It is 30 times faster and smoother than other mp3 to wav converters
  • More than 1000 file formats are supported
  • Also, as it is super fast it literally takes 0 seconds waiting for uploading as well as downloading

There are both types of converters in it. One is online converter while other is a desktop converter. Media.io is compatible with windows, macOS and Linux.

Freemake Audio Converter

Freemake Audio Converter is used by over more than 63 Million users and it converts files between 50+ audio formats. It is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. It requires only 3 clicks to convert mp3 to wav file format. It is also awarded by many tech experts and it is super fast!

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So this Online Converter to convert Mp3 to WAV, Now Are you ready to know the apps and offline software which can convert the Mp3 to Wav or vise versa? Then, you have landed on a right page. Well, right now, many websites and apps are available in the market to extract the audio from the mp3 file and extended it’s quality to covert it to the wav audio format. In this article, we have listed 3 apps and 2 websites that are genuine to convert mp3 to wav.


It is one of the most popular software where you can rip the mp3 audio to wav audio format. As name suggests, millions of people uses this software to switch to another audio format. You have to just paste the URL of the uploaded mp3 file and click on the convert button. After that, select the mp3 option and just wait until your download is ready. It is a very simple to use and you will get the audio file that you wanted without any difficulty.

VSDC Converter

VSDC Free Audio Converter is another app from where you can convert high quality mp3 audio to wav. Some features of this apps that makes it different from other audio converters:

  • Compatible with almost all windows and mac pcs.
  • You will get a quick conversion of mp3 to wav.
  • You can also convert a video of any quality to an audio file with the help of this software.

Android or iPhone Apps to Convert Mp3 to WAV or another audio format.

Audio Converter

It is an excellent app for your phone that enables you to convert mp3 into the wav file. It also comes with the feature of a screen recorder. It is developed by Pixels Team. It has an inbuilt feature of auto-updater that makes you sure that you are using most updated and advanced version with high security.

Mp3 to Wav Converter App

It is developed by AppGuru Team and its user interface is quite awesome. This app is available for both Android and iPhone and is a very simple to use, and both paid and free versions are available in the market. The only drawback of this app is that you will get a lot of ads while running the Mp3 to Wav converting process.

MP3 Converter

This app is currently available for Android and it doesn’t only convert mp3 to wav but it also has the features of all converting all audio files to another audio file format just in few clicks. With the help of this app, you can also download mp3 music for free. Just locate the mp3 file on your phone and it will begin converting mp3 to wav file within a minute.

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