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Midi stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. It is a file with ‘.MIDI’ or ‘.MID’ file extension. MIDI files don’t have actual audio data, that’s why they are very small in size unlike regular audio files such as WAV or MP3.

Basically, they are instructional files that elaborate how the sound should be made when attached to a playback device or loaded into a specific software program that understands how to portray the data. This is the reason why MIDI files are good for sharing musical data between identical applications. Here we have got Top 10 Mp3 to MIDI Converters, which includes Software, Apps and Online Sites using which you can also convert one audio format to any other audio format.

The actual difference between mp3 and midi files is that MP3 files have files are larger in size and audio files are compressed to about 1/10th of the actual size. Whereas, MIDI files are much smaller in size that records music and controls the notes of every instrument.

A MIDI file is software that represents musical data in a digital manner. On the other hand, MP3 is an obvious encoding format for digital audio.

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Today we have got this list of top 10 Mp3 to MIDI converters which includes sites and apps that works online and offline both.

MIDI can be described using velocity, cues, tempo, notation, clock signals, pitch, etc. it was discovered to combine musical instruments and make every musical instrument well matched.

It permits a diversity of electronic musical instruments, computers and other devices to connect and communicate with each other. It can make a link to transfer up to 16 channels of data, each of a different device. So, here we go with the list of apps and websites that convert mp3 to midi.

WIDI Recognition System

WIDI Recognition System is freeware software that permits the conversion of MP3 into MIDI format. According to reviews, it gives outstanding results and offers extensive assistance documents to help you. Nevertheless, to use this properly, you should have the efficient background knowledge about music and its technical portions. Please avoid yourself from using this software if you don’t want to make your life complex. But, this is best to use, keeping the technical knowledge apart.


Committed software, Intelliscore, converts any music files to MIDI from the past 18 years. It assists in distinguishing guitar sounds from the bass. Using Intelliscore, prompt the conversion by playing the MP3 file. Using the easy-to-use wizard, select the required notes. With this, you can do all the impossible things with an MP3.

Also Read About Following Mp3 Converters:

Converter Lite

Converter Lite is software that is used to convert MP3 into MIDI rapidly. Its interface is easy and you, can batch convert numerous audio files to MIDI. All you need is to add files you require to convert with its easy interface.

It is quick, systematic and permits compressing and encoding of files.

It is free software that works primarily on Windows. It makes the use of FFmpeg project to convert audio fast. It can be used in various languages and because of this, it is attractive.

Free Mp3 to MIDI converter

Free MP3 to MIDI converter is software used to save your favorite audio files in MIDI format. The program is compelling in its procedure of conversion. It uses sound fonts and works a lot rapidly than most of the other converters.

Notation Player

Notation player is distinct software that transforms your MP3 files into MIDI files and represents those saved files as sheet music on your screen so that you can view the notes as they play.

You can also transform the bars and tempo. You can change the misc for karaoke. It permits you to include notes and edit pitch as per your preference.

One unexpected feature is that Notation Player permits you to share your music with other musicians in XML format. You are also able to make new music from scratch with the help of Notation Player.

Bear File Converter

It is the best website and it is totally free. Using this online tool, it is very easy to get your MP3 file converted to MIDI. Other formats like WAV, OGG, AAC, WMA, besides MP3 can be converted to MIDI. You just need to simply drag and drop your MP3 file and this online tool will do the rest of the work for you.


It is also a free online converter to convert MP3 files to MIDI format. Select the file from your local machine or from URL. After this, select the format of the resultant output.


It is a remarkable product from Araki Software for the conversion of MP3 to MIDI. It is Windows software for MP3 to MIDI format. Also, it converts WAV files to MIDI files. It can maintain both polyphonic and monophonic music. Begin the conversion using AmazingMIDI and it will be easier that you ever thought.


Again, Audacity is the best open source for converting MP3 files to MIDI format. It is available for all the platforms such as MAC, Linux and Windows. It is excellent in the business for the conversion of MP3 to MIDI, by being an open source. Windows platform add Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10, whereas, on the other side, MAC platforms add MAC os X, 10.6 and later, and limited source for Sierra.

Converter Cat

Converter Cat has all the pros that you demand – easy-to-use feature, free of charge, user-friendly interface and excellent range of supporting formats. But, there are some cons that you must know. Likewise, the file that you upload has to be less than 50 MB. Moreover, you have to give your email address as the Conversion Cat will sent you the MIDI file through email.

To complete the conversion, you have to go through these steps –

  • Select your MP3 file.
  • Select MIDI as resultant extension.
  • Enter you email.
  • Click on “Convert” to begin your conversion.

After you start your conversion, all you have to do is waiting for Conversion Cat to send you the converted MIDI file.

So, these are some of the best apps and websites that allow you to convert your MP3 files to MIDI format.


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