Mp3 Shark: Top 5 Youtube to Mp3 Shark Converter Sites


5 best YouTube to Mp3 Shark converter sites. I doubt if any music lover doesn’t know about Mp3 Shark? Mp3 Shark is one of the best Youtube to Mp3 converter in the online web. Everyone knows about YouTube, best video streaming service offered by Google. There are endless videos available on the YouTube which provides some excellent audio content. Sometimes we do not want to watch the videos offered by the YouTube but want only the audio or mp3 part of it and Mp3 Shark does the job perfectly. What else you can do is download the videos with some standard downloader and then extract its audio with the help of any efficient tool but nothing can be better and easiest than Mpe Shark in converting Youtube to Mp3.

mp3 shark

Here, I am listing 5 best YouTube to Mp3 Shark sites that efficiently do this job for you. There are two ways of getting the audio: (a) Submit the URL of the video on a mp3 shark site and get the mp3 audio file which can be downloaded or delivered in your mailbox, and (b) Or download some desktop or mobile mp3 shark app to do that.

I am here giving you a list of the 5 best YouTube to Mp3 Shark Converter sites which follow one or the other method for providing the mp3 file of the YouTube Video.


Is the name “” making you confused? Are you thinking that this mp3 shark site must be only converting the format of the video only and nothing else? This is not so. Together with this function, the site also enables its user to download any video from the YouTube and then save it as MP3, which make it as one of the best mp3 shark site. The process of downloading the mp3 format from youtube video is quite simple on this mp3 shark site. You just need to paste the URL of the video in the download area of mp3 shark site and then select the mp3 output format and click ‘Convert Now’ button. It doesn’t provide a one-click option to do this task but then also it is loved for the ease of its use. Format options provided are just excellent.

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YoutubeConvert.CC is a web-based MP3 Shark Youtube converter. The working of this site is in line with the mp3 shark converter. But it provides one more added advantage. It provides the user with an option to choose from the two file formats. If one wants to get the MP3 Shark file, one needs to click on the orange button, and if someone wants an MP4 file, one needs to click on the green button. Actually, its support for all the popular audio formats and no registration requirements makes it popular among the music lovers. One can even upload the file extracted from this mp3 shark site directly to the Google Drive or DropBox so that it can be accessed from any of your devices. The only drawback of this mp3 shark site is that its working on the Android is not perfect.


This is a superb mp3 shark tool to convert YouTube to any audio format of your choice. The interface of this mp3 shark software is very interactive and easy to use. Once installed, you will see a Windows 8 style menu on the home screen of this mp3 shark App. The app provides a one-click solution to your requirement. There is an icon on the left for converting video to MP3. This icon works if you have already downloaded the video on your PC. If you have not downloaded the video, you can do so by using any YouTube downloader software. With this mp3 shark tool you can choose the mp3 audio format in three forms.


This mp3 shark site has been immensely loved by the music grabbers. The process of getting the audio on this mp3 shark site is quite easy. You just need to copy the URL of the YouTube video from which you want an audio file and then paste the same on this mp3 shark site and then click ‘Continue’. After clicking, the website asks you to choose the output format of the audio file. You can choose from the multiple audio formats supported by it. Now after the selection, click the ‘Download’ button and then save the file anywhere on your computer. Isn’t the process very simple? The audio quality provided by this converter is decent, so you can trust this mp3 shark site.


This is actually a web-based mp3 shark App which is compatible with most of the mobile devices and operating systems like iPhone, Windows phone, and Android. It can convert any YouTube to Mp3 in a matter of just a few minutes. This famous mp3 shark site has a major drawback. This web-based App cannot be used on Google Chrome browser as the Google has warnings against it.

These are the top mp3 shark sites, trusted by many users worldwide. If you have any other mp3 shark site for converting YouTube to MP3 please do share it with us for the good of all.


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