Dog Music: 10 Best Music Tracks for Dogs (will help Sleep, Peace, Calm & Fresh Mood)


Music works like therapy, but little did anybody know that music can help dogs to get a good night’s sleep. Thunderstorms and fireworks can trouble a dog and make them anxious. While this can be disturbing for a little pooch, there is music that can help in relaxing the fur balls. How? Thankfully, YouTube has special music for dogs and other forms of pets which can calm them down.

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Imagine a hyper-active puppy going through a lot of stress on a rainy night. Even the female dogs who are going through heat cycle find it difficult to cope with it. Few months back, my dog had an accident and got broken bones. Her right leg fractured and plastered, she would find it troublesome to sleep peacefully. Music has helped her sleep deeply and peacefully for about 5 weeks. I would put on the music and few minutes later, her legs would be up in the air and all she needed was a tummy rumble.

Music stimulates brain nerves and it works the same way with the dogs. However, there are particular sound tracks which help in relaxing your pooch.

While this story does comfort many pet parents, it is time to share the music that helped my dog to cope up with stress and sleep peacefully. Are you ready for this?

8 Hours of Sleep Music for Dogs

Whether it is a new foster dog or the chirping ducklings in the backyard, this music really works to make your little one sleep for 8 hours. Did you know that this music can make ANYONE sleep? It works on my mother too!

Dog Sleep Music: 15 hours of relaxing

The music is slow yet upbeat. The fifteen hours of soothing melodies gives any dog a good night’s rest that they would require. Whether it is a depressed dog or someone who is facing any type of discomfort, this fifteen hour soothing music calms your dog and makes them sleep for long.

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Help your puppy to go to sleep at night

The makers have used sound sweep technology to create the soothing music for dogs. It helps those puppies who are crate training or spend few hours inside the home with no human interaction. There are times when we have to leave our dogs for few hours and they go through tremendous stress. This 7 hour sound track can help the puppies to relax and sleep for 7 hours straight.

How to relieve your dog – relaxing music

During firework season, most of the dogs go through a lot of turmoil because of the crackers and rockets. We believe that dogs hear two or three times more than us, but they actually hear as much as we can hear. Sweep technology is used to create the soothing tracks and makes it easy for a dog to relax and calm his mind. This really works!

The Ultimate Dog Sleep Soundtrack

This one has to be my personal favorite! It has always worked for my little fur ball because she finds it difficult to get a spot for sleeping. Separation anxiety is hard on dogs and it is best to leave the music track on while you are out for work.

12 Hours Puppy Sleep Music: Lullabies

This track is meant for pets and babies both. In fact, my mother would be snoring in just 10 minutes after hearing this track. It works like a charm for dogs as well! It includes popular lullabies such as Silent night, Mary had a little lamb, twinkle twinkle little star and many more.

15 hours of deep separation anxiety music for dogs

This particular track has worked 4 million dogs worldwide and there is no doubt that it is going to work for your pooch as well. A lot of dogs have separation anxiety and this could help in easing their minds.

Lullabies for dogs to sleep – calm down your dog

You wish to have a sleepy head in your home? Well, this sound track has soothing lullabies which can help your dog to sleep for few hours. It could be a Labrador, retriever or even a Lhasa also, but this sound track helps all the pooches.

Sleepy Music – Watch your dog fall asleep

Is your dog having sleeping problems? Don’t you worry about a thing! This sleepy music can calm your little one and give them a good night’s rest. This lasts for about thirty minutes but it is effective to relax a dog. The music is soothing to the ears and creates a peaceful sleeping environment.

5 hours of Sweet doggy dreams music

Your dog will have a sweet slumber after listening to this soothing music which is especially tailor-made for doggies. It’s calm and the dogs love the soothing vibe it gives. Since it goes on for 2.5 hours, you can consider playing it while you are away for doing some chores.

Takeaway Advice for Readers

If you have a little pooch at your home, you will experience cases when they are not able to sleep or are having separation anxiety. Do note that they cannot talk through words. They communicate through actions and sometimes they would give you their paw or start biting as well. Take this as a sign that they want something from you.

If your dog is unwell or is having difficulty to adjust in the new home, put on some music for the little ones and watch them sleep. Isn’t it the cutest thing in the world? Try it!


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